3 Things Agile Businesses Do That Set Them Apart


Over the last few years, businesses have faced extraordinary disruptions, forcing many to alter what they previously considered established and effective business practices in order to meet shifting market, consumer, and employee demands. It required them to let go of their predictable, safe models and lean into the unknown. Though uncomfortable, these businesses learned that agility—the ability to quickly adapt—is both a core business competency and a state of mind….

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Setting Up a NuGet Feed for Acumatica Libraries

Introduction Seasoned developers are probably aware of the benefits of using a package manager tool for installation and updates of packaged reference files and libraries.  Such packages contain reusable code that are published to a central repository for consuming by other programs.  The advantages to using such a tool is to maintain any common code in a common location, rather than needing to copy the individual files around and maintain… …

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